Reviews for "Triumph des Erdbeere"


That was some trippy stuff.


i have no idea what i just watched but it was awsome!

Surreal but Fun

I really Enjoyed this animation, though I don't really understand the meaning of it ;)

And The "German" Innuendos were Kinda Irritating, The Mars Alien aso. The Joke when Strawberry goes to earth again and lands in Germany (?) may only understand Germans (She's really polite, not like her Subtitle) and the title, like mentioned before has a slight Grammer Incorrectness because Strawberry's R feminine (don't ask me y)

But all in all is the surrealism a nice change to the many Hav-to-be-funny or This-is-so-profound Animations. Good Job :D

An extraordinary, surreal Clock animation!!

This is a truly impressive Clock animation! The graphics and animation are detailed beyond belief! I really like its visual style because it looks so unique! I also like the use of film grain and limited colours for a film-noir effect.

I also like the story elements and dialogue used for this animation. It adds a lot of surrealism to the animation! To summarize, one of the best and unusual Clock movies I've ever seen! Excellent job!

I like it

but, shouldn't it say "Triumph der Erdbeere" ?? At least for grammatical correctness :D