Reviews for "Triumph des Erdbeere"

lool living on mars sucks

so he blasta off from jupiter

Some trippy shit!

I LOVE trippy shit! ;)
You, StrangeClock, live up to your name, and yet again deliver another masterpiece.... excellent job!

Absolutely Loved It

I've been wanting to play with overlaying textures like that. You used it to great effect. Wonderful use of audio clips too. Another masterpiece, Strange. <3

StrangeClock responds:

Thanks Somni! Happy Clock Day <3

It made me lol...

and lol and lol and lol. Its just never stop made me laughing.
I love it and could keep loving it til the end of time.

P.S: I guess Strawberry clocks fave gun weapin is a bee-bee gun, lol.


I didn't really find it that funny, but hell, points for style alone. It was interesting to watch just to see the kind of stuff you pulled with the graphics.