Reviews for "Triumph des Erdbeere"

holy funny sh*t


Good movie

You can always rely on tom to save you LOL this was really ompressive nice using real cut out and backgrounds too this my Numba #1 FAV video now

This flash IS Clock Day.

This flash is what all Clock Day flashes should strive to be. Great sound and music choices, the part with Tom was fantastic and the bees part was classic. The whole tweening bit was sorta overplayed but I loved the style of the animation, it was very well done. My favorite parts were when the Clocks were speaking German and of course when Tom came and saved Strawberry. I can overcome the confusion I watched mainly due to all the laughs I had throughout the film.

I'm never sure what to expect on Clock Day, but your flashes never seem to disappoint. The random antics and sound bites all make this flash truly one of a kind and really does represent the essence of Clock Day. Not much too complain about, but I foresee some other awards for this flash in the future. To date, this is my favorite Clock flash of the year. Keep up the fantastic work you two!

good clock movie

That was great when you had strawberryclock saved by Tom Fulp and Tom had a couple of lines to say. heheh nicely put together movie. I wish all clock movies could be this good. great work!

no need to be pendatic

just see it in the great tradition of "das buch die unholden" and "unaussprechlichen Kulten" classic misstranslations of coolture.