Reviews for "KERIXEP"

26 26

26 is a pain in the ass

Could have been more difficult.

Also, on the levels with multiple green squares, you should have it so i can just reset one instead of the whole level. Nice, sleek design and good concept though.


I could have voted it a 5, but I voted it a 4 instead. This is due to two reasons: When you click to play, the browser automatically opens your website. This is a lame, annoying way to advertise your site, at the expense of the customer. Very poor move.
And also, lvl 25 has some weird-ass blur effect that got on my nerves pretty quick. Why the hell did you implement that?

Psycho responds:

not sure about the first bit I definitely didn't do that, maybe you doubleclicked and the second time it was a link, i dont know.

the blur effect, like other 'effects' was just to make it more interesting, though it didn't work out and I wont do the same in future.

2127 seconds

26 and 19 are the hardest ones imo.
Too varying difficulty. You tried make the puzzle look good instead of difficult. :) No need for that next time.

i want more gimmick like warp! :D