Reviews for "KERIXEP"


The puzzles have a very nonlinear feel to them. The only problem i had was the curve. It didnt start getting difficult until around level 18.


A great game. I love puzzling games like this. the controls seem quite standard, and I like it. I see a KERIXEP Two in the future.

Psycho responds:

it already exists :D it'll be up on Newgrounds tomorrow :)

A awesome game! Enjoyable 10/10

This game with the simple slick design really can be addictive and it engages your brain to think on how to get to the next level. Once you get passed a level you just want to pass the next and so on. :D 10/10


This is really addicting! Great game-play, simple graphics and nice music!


When I went back to the menu I could not select a level again.