Reviews for "KERIXEP"

I've played this before.

i KNOW that I have played this game before. I remember it, just not where I saw it, so I won't accuse you of theft, however, please do clear my memory by letting me know where else you may have uploaded this.

Excellent puzzler

It is a bit challenging. Definitely worth the playtime needed to get through some of those puzzles.

Well done.


well i have to say ive seen this done many times before Legend of Zelda games have had puzzles like this for years. the game was a little too easy, i got to lvl 30 without having to restart. It would be cool if for some levels there was a specific place that you had to end on. this would make the game more challenging and fun. the lvl indicators in the menu should have lvl numbers on, the colors should also not be so pastel they are kinda hard to see. still your game was good it just could use some work


While I've seen games similar to this, this one seems more polished than most. I especially like the non-linear feel, graphics, and simple controls. It even challanges your brain more than I expected.

The music's cool too. :D

10/10 5/5 (Now lets see how KERIXEP 2 fares under my scrutiny!)

its an awesome puzzler

but I think you should give it a week before you relase the second one so that enough people play the first and decide they're ready for the second.