Reviews for "KERIXEP"


The puzzles were nice, not to hard, not to easy, and the click-reset was too a great Idea. And without joking: I've completed it in exactly ! 2010 ! seconds. :D

Very nice

Good simple design with good simple graphics.
Soothing sounds, easy controls (click to reset is an excellent idea, as stated by a fellow review below).
I got a bit tired of it after you started introducing multiple entrances, but that's more of a statement about my attention span then anything.
Overall a lovely game and one I'll undoubtedly come back to later


the damn title music was so damn good i never got around to starting the game!

Don't need an intense Reflexion

Love the simplicity of the design, but the game are Easy too


Good game and I like the feature of just clicking to reset instead of clicking on a reset button