Reviews for "KERIXEP"

Simple, but s'okay

I don't really have much to say other than I liked it. Reminded me a bit of lumines with the squares and the glowing, but none of the gameplay. Got stuck a bit on one of them, but all and all it was a simple game. Maybe the next one can add multiple color changes or squares that need to be gone over more than once. Anyways, keep up the good work.

2127 seconds

26 and 19 are the hardest ones imo.
Too varying difficulty. You tried make the puzzle look good instead of difficult. :) No need for that next time.

A decent timewaster.

The level designs were pretty good, alright difficulty, but the visual effects didn't really add to the challenge of the game.
Also, the last level was kind of disappointing, namely because it has a flair of familiarity.
Here's hoping that the sequel is successful!


I could have voted it a 5, but I voted it a 4 instead. This is due to two reasons: When you click to play, the browser automatically opens your website. This is a lame, annoying way to advertise your site, at the expense of the customer. Very poor move.
And also, lvl 25 has some weird-ass blur effect that got on my nerves pretty quick. Why the hell did you implement that?

Psycho responds:

not sure about the first bit I definitely didn't do that, maybe you doubleclicked and the second time it was a link, i dont know.

the blur effect, like other 'effects' was just to make it more interesting, though it didn't work out and I wont do the same in future.

Mind reader!

I've wanted to make a game almost exactly like this for years! I've had a lot of practice with these types of puzzles, and yours were often better than mine. The difficulty was perfect, the music was great, the concept hasn't been seen millions of times, and I didn't notice any huge bugs. There's not really much to say with a simple, fun game like this. I hope to see a sequel with a few new tricks up its sleeve! (Hasn't it been about 10 months since you put this up on other sites? You've certainly had time for sequel ideas.)

Psycho responds:

yep, it's also been a few months since i put the sequel on other sites ;) and it'll be on newgrounds today or tomorrow.