Reviews for "Castle Guardian"

not horrible

it was short lived. you got about 25-30 minutes of me being motivated an entertained. by day 20 I had already achieved all the powerups. i would say that you should have put more into the powerups since that sorta the appeal to these games. it's not terrible. i liked it all the way up til getting money no longer meant anything to me. hopefully you'll focus on my content in future games.

its a any other game

theres tomany of these games andf like ReserveNote it dos lag and i see no point in any of the power up


what title says

I rather take a speed clicking test on Facebook

I was able to make it to level 10 without buying any power ups whatsoever and with no else than 3/4 of my health. The only reason I took any damage was because the game lagged even when there was two units on screen. I'm honestly thinking that was a failsafe for people who dared try the game without powerups, because you knew they were worthless, or you're just a shitty programmer.

The only saving grace (if you could call it that) was the art, which even then was lackluster and dull.


This is awesome :D