Reviews for "Castle Guardian"


really enjoyed this game a lot, well done on a great job
10/10 and 5/5

"9/12" :D, 9 Medals :3

Great game, 10/10 + 5/5


not bad for a point and kill. liked the feel of it, upgrades felt a little useless at first, keep it up tho. it was a good game

Here it is

Was going to give you 10/10 but after playing through the game twice over I got every achievement EXCEPT play the game twice, sooo I gave you a 7/10 because I am a little irate that theres a bug that cost me 100 achievement points and 2 hours of my life. Yes I know, playing through this game twice for 100 points is kind of lame anyways, but whatever. Fix that, the hidden screen button is strangely in an unexpected place. Grr as for lag, i had none, and I never felt pissed off for playing it. Plus there is a quality button, its called Q, so for those of you complaining about no low quality game, seriously, what are you running on WIN98? Jebus, upgrade guys theres no reason that game should lag, lol.Last thing, there was no use for the rage ability through out the entire game. Needs more upgrades. I'm done ranting. Keep working bud.

Nice shooter

This game was fun, but I missed a "low quality" option, cause the game started to lag like a mofo when you reach higher levels with more enemies (delayed clicks when you already finished clicking on a certain target + slow game), that way you often missed important gold coins and also the beserk mode didn't helped much with such issue. Anyway, overall it's a good shooter. Played similar before but still nice to play.
Btw, the game says "MUST GET ACHIEVEMENT" unlocked, but unfortunately it's the only achievement/medal that won*'t show up. :(