Reviews for "Castle Guardian"

Is excelent but I play it before...

I think that this kind of games, of defend the castle is very used right now, they are many, many games of this kind and if you want to make a good one, it have to be excelente in the all ways. Apart of that, is very similar to Zombie Rampage I think.

Is not bad in fact, but I can't expend more than 10Min in a game like this.

I like it!

I think gamble is being a bit ungenerous (ingenerous? nongenerous?) There's more to a game than the achievements/medals (im such a hypocrite). The spell hotkey thing is because you use a mac, but you can use them command key instead.


First of all I would like to commend you on smooth graphics, decent artwork, and a fairly solid game idea. However, there are a few little pieces which seriously made game-play a pain for me. 1) When using magic, you set the hot-key to ctrl instead of making it customizable or another letter. So, in the heat of battle when i want to utilize the wizards I cant hot-key for a spell click. Instead I get a pop-up window which wants to edit my flash settings. This is a serious flaw in you game design because you have set up at least 1/3 of the players weaponry in a way which cannot easily be used. Now it may be because I'm running a specific web browser or it may be because I'm using a mac... but something that simple shouldn't make a difference. 2) In the miscellaneous achievements section there's an achievement which says "complete a level with 100%." The question is... 100% of what? That achievement is unbelievably vague. Is it 100% gold collected? 100% mouse click accuracy? etc... I have, (as far as i know) completed the first level perfectly before and still have not received that achievement. So please clarify what the requirements for that achievement are. 3) There is another achievement which requires submitting your score. This is also horribly vague... I have looked and looked and cannot see any SIMPLE way to submit my score. Submitting a score SHOULD be simple. Enough said.

In conclusion, this is an excellent game, but 4 stars are knocked off. 1 for each point mentioned above, and also another star taken off because points number 2 and 3 directly effect a 100 point medal. (aka because there is no simple or standardized way to submit a score or "complete a level with 100%" most people regardless of how skilled they are at your game will have their experience lessened if they are playing for medals due to simple error in communication)


Awesome game man. I can't figure out what the mages do, but I lag when it comes to rage mode.

Good game overall

It's a good game, but storymode is way to easy though. Survival-mode is harder and more challenging.

Bonus point given for the added medals!

My score: 8/10