Reviews for "Castle Guardian"

:P sweet

great game

oh it's this game again

It's repetitive and unoriginal, but still pretty fun to play.
I found it really easy, and the 60-minute achievement was the last one I got, but maybe that's just cause I've got a better mouse than most people.

Some bosses or the ability to move around would be nice, but then it would be pretty much the same as Medieval Rampage. Well I enjoyed that game so I guess that's why I enjoyed this one too.

last review deleted.

game still doesnt work. this time i could play and defeat enemies without a flash player screen wanting to store info on my machine every time i killed an enemy but i was unable to purchase an archery with $665. you know that button on the "day complete" page that says purchase, there are two of them, one for each school. they dont work.


First of all I like the idea, that's not what bothers me. First after a while there are to many enemies for your mouse to keep up with. My hand can only move so fast. Second, there were so many enemies at once my game froze up and then it looked like archers and mages were spawning in random places. Third whenever I used rage mode the screen froze and lagged so bad it was pretty much pointless because i couldn't click anything. Overall 8/10

Mostly perfect game

I really enjoyed the game and got quite hooked on it, my only complaint however is on later levels things start to lag as there is just so much going on, sometimes your taking damage as you clicking and its not going through as fast as you are pressing.