Reviews for "Castle Guardian"

great game but wtf?

i dont have the kill 100 enemies medal but i do have the kill 1000 enemies

care to explain?

other then that great game


Nice game :)

WTF is up with that guy?

there's a guy in the upper left hand corner who spazzes out and killz u in one hit!!!

100% achievement

The game realy have a problem with the 100%achievement. By the walkthrough you all can learn that this achievement is to complete a level without missing a click. Well, I don't know if this doesn'g aply to the first level, but is pretty easy to complete that without miss, and even in that way I couldn't win this achievement. And it's the only one that miss to me to complete 100% of the game.

Very fun

I love these kinda games where you can upgrade stuff.Also,i want to add there is an optical illusion on the first level in career mode.Stare at the sand and it look like it eases up.