Reviews for "Castle Guardian"

Love it but...

Acheivements are glitchy.
I maxed everything but didn't get it for maxing rage
According to the acheivements I beat the game without beating level 10 or 12

enough i stand this game no more

if u click to many times the mouse gets stuck and u have suicide bombers, thats cheap also the money disappears and the mage does nothing to help u at all he just stands there and if u die and continue u lost 50 percent of something, but it doesnt say what, u need to fix all this and then this game would rock! also u should add some medals


Much,Much, Very Nice!!!!

cool game

my hand's bleeding! :D

good game, but too hard

The difficulty was fine until the civilians appeared. then my mage would randomly explode them to death trying to hit other enemies, resulting in my death every mission :( idk if its a bug, or just a stupid mage, but it should be fixed.