Reviews for "Castle Guardian"


OMG... that really WAS NOT a hard game... go and play dress up games if this is too hard for you...

A good way to kill 30 minutes

This was mildly fun, a little mind numbing because it was so easy. And using the "rage" was useless due to the outrageous lag.


only okay. this kind of defense game is already done a lot. a lot of lag and nothing that sets it apart from other like games.

Great game but..

After a certain point, you have nothing to do with the money. My skills was completely fulfilled, I was kind of rich, but there was no use for money .
Another thing: when I passed day 20, after the last click I couldn't see what happens. I was clicking fast and the screen just changed after the clicks.

Ahhh, and for those who think this game is hard, try to focus (before level 6) on increasing your Money Bonus and Archery first! With money bonus you get rich easily, then you can buy all the stuff. With a powerful archery, you can rest till the big guys come out: the archers do the job on the weaker enemies.


It was'nt great.

It was good at the start but then i thought it got a bit out of control. there were far to many archers and battering rams for me to handle, i think if you were to improve this game make things cost a bit less, make it a bit easy-er to defend your base (e.g not as many troops to fight, and maybe make it so you can add more Archers and Mages attack on there own, it would make things alot easy-er for players.