Reviews for "Castle Guardian"

it felt something like achievment unlocked

i had the feeling to play achievment unlocked, you got for every crap an achievment. why? achievments don't make games better (except the ones with blue elephant).
else it was pretty relaxing but you also saw this in the other revies


I liked the concept but I can't play for long 'cause it's kinda straining to play on my laptop. Great game though.


i've tried reloading the game a couple times now, but each time i go to play the shop bugs out to where i can't see how much money i have and cannot buy any upgrades. please fix this if you're going to put medals on this game.

More please

awesome game make a sequel with more variety and in depth upgrades and its improving on an awesome game.

Brutally Honest Reveiw

Just Not Worth The Time...
Jumping off of a building just to hear the splat at the bottom is harder and more exiting than this... DONT PLAY!!! Though.... to give this game some credit, if your working at the office, you on your lunch break, you have nothing to do, and you like castle defence games but dont want to be all hyped up tring to beat it, then this is the right game for you... its not all that bad once you stop and think abot it.... in other words, this is a game for begginers.