Reviews for "Castle Guardian"

Well this is great

Problem is though i wish it was laptop friendly. I can't control click so it is nearly impossible to use the mage.

5/5 9/10

I had already played this awesome game and finished it... then I saw the medals and I tryed to catch'em all.
I have nothing to say about the game that I love but about those medals, the more valuable one (ACHIEVEMENT ADDICT) can not be unlocked because one of the in-game achievement require to submit the score and this can be done ONLY playing on facebook.
Tell me if I'm wrong.

So funny

Liked it up,awesome game


Had a bit of lag so couldnt play past day 12 but overall a great game!


Great Game and 9-volt0 u didnt get the 150 one because it is for survival and has nothing to do with the 1000 kill one