Reviews for "Castle Guardian"

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very addictive :d thanks ..keep up u have my 10 and my 5 and in my fav

85 Achievements ?? Really ?

You know, it's not a bad game, but not a good one too.. First thing i see : in the 4 first days, i got sooo many achievements then sometimes just dont see some enemy.

You have really too much of achievements, not so many interesting upgrades, the mage never work with me and for me a only click game like that was funny when the mission is killing stickmen in front of your castle few years ago, but for now, nothing new or interesting.. Just a not so refreshing old concept back from the graves..

Sorry, better luck next time !


Aside from one or two bugs, Castle Guardian is a very fun time-waster. The concept is very simple, but the gameplay is quite entertaining. I love the different unit types, and each one had a reasonable amount of HP. Simply put, it's a great game, albeit with a few bugs (elongated HP bars, early attack animations).

good game

how in the world do you get the complete a level with 100% achievement
i beat the game 3 times and its the only achievement i cannot get...


Its good but how does blood come out of tanks sorry if i had more time to think about i would rate it 10