Reviews for "Castle Guardian"

NOt bad

It's okay, if nothing very new. Nice upgrades, graphics and enemies. I have to admit I found the peasents very annoying, as they mean you can't safely use the magic spell most of the time (unless, of course, you don't mind killing a few of them :P).

I don't know what the "finish a level with 100%" does. I tried numerous times, including 100% health, enemies killed and coins collected, but still no achievement. A hint would be nice :P Coulsn't find the secret medal either...

I did find a bug or two, a couple of times a battering ram would come onto the screen already hitting and doing damage even as it was moving up to the castle. Also after the first time I cast a spell my kill counter stopped rising, so I couldn't cast any more. Then when I'd fully upgraded the magicians, it went to 20 and stayed there, so I could cast as many as I liked...

not bad

the achievements were, to say the least, annoying. but it was really fun. the only downside is I beat the game twice and realized I wasn't logged in >_>.

Anyway good game the style of gameplay was tower defense but instead of a cross hair you got a hand. it's nothing new, but it's doing the old stuff well.

not very orginal but very enjoyable!

ok the mage only works if you have the required amount of people killed as shown in the top left corner of the screen. when you kill it goes up. when you use magic it goes down depending on what level your magic is. yhall get it now?

fix the music

theres a reason that so few people get the one minute award

Fix a few things

The mage doesn't work for each click. If he works on some kind of timing thing it would be nice if there was a gauge to show when he can be used again. Also theres no way to save all you upgrades. I had to go to a friends house, and when I came back I thought everything I had unlocked be there, but nothing.