Reviews for "Castle Guardian"


Nice but game is putting my CPU level down

There needs to be a laptop friendly mode

this is a great game although glitchy my main problem was clicking and aiming at the same time because I have a touch pad. would you be able to put a mode in where it auto clicked but at a sensible speed?

Irritating bug (Good game tho!)

I'll give it a nine because i find it rather irritating that when i kill a battering ram or other unit near the side of the game screen the money is gone :/ But after all a great gameplay , good graphics. 9/10 and 4/5 :D


some medals are still bugged. I got medal for 1000 kills but not for 100. I have 10000 money but didnt get this medal. and the mages didnt work very well, why ever. the monsters who damage your castel if they die suck very hard.


It's a pretty fun game, but the peasants are annoying. Its retarded that you get a load of damage for accidentally shooting them, especially since they're not easy to recognise in a battlefield full of enemies in the last couple of levels.