Reviews for "Castle Guardian"


i couldnt stop playing this at all but when i attacked a suicide bomber my whole computer crashed

Wow. That's freaking hard.

So yeah I beat the game (F**king hard), and I got... Level 22? ARE YOU SERIUS?!?!??!!?
Btw good game. Oh, I think the level 20 have a boss fight:
Mega Hyper Ultra Cannon
150 HP
1,000 COINS
Damage: 15 per shot
Can shot at 5 seconds
when you beat come 150 of the:
Poor Vilagers
1 HP
Damage: none
Come to base in 10 seconds
Bye bye ;D
Oh, I can't fell my hand. :D


NOTHING was wrong, well... one thing was... and that was.... well... if i just can figure out something....... umm.... oh yeah it was not enough upgrades and ACHIEVMENTS that was the only bad thing :D but overall: great game, fun to play (and hard) but the lagging was sometimes helpfull so i KNOW there will be a sequel or else im going home to you with my finger, pointing it at you and treahtning you to make a sequel so.... keep up the good work :D

could be better...

The gameplay is repeditive and half the time, the clicking doesnt work on suicide bombers. Plus, the mage's "CTRL + CLICK" doesnt do much of anything unless your mages are level 3. Overall, it could be better if certain areas were touched up.


It is a REALLY great game, and i could play it for hours.....if not for the lag.
I'm sure a LOT of the reviews mention the lag.
No doubt.
But maybe, if even just one more, could maybe motivate you to make it less laggy?
You say "Lower the quality"
But how does one go about doing that when there are no quality-lowering options?