Reviews for "Castle Guardian"

Check it

I found a way to beat this game very easy!
Go check it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWXuJj rNzng

maybe bugged

when i click new game it shows the controls and info but then it doesn't start


Was lots of fun! definately a good play.

A couple major bugs i found
-Mage spell is buggy: sometimes it doesnt go off at all i had 60 sacrifices when this happened). and when it does go off it kills a random target. i.e. i would use it on a group of soldiers in the bottom left corner and it would kill like 1 of those and kill a ballista and other enemies on the right side of the screen for no reason
-Rage meter didnt work right. it stopped charging up and stopped counting down when using rage mode. there was one point where i used rage mode 3 times back to back by spamming the spacebar.

those were the only two major bugs that i found. but it was a really fun game :) i enjoyed the whole 45 mins i spent on it!

oh also saw a couple non-serious rather comical bugs: #1 sometimes (especially with assassins) the health bar would grow to be half the size of the screen. #2 enemies would sometimes come onto the screen playing their attack animation over and over

Tough n' fun (lol)

Unique style of damaging(clicking) And just fun!


It's absolutely the best clicking game I've ever played, after all, it did make my left-clicking finger die, this is a great game! i loved it, awesome work there dude! Keep us happy :)