Reviews for "Castle Guardian"

Kind of addictive

So you have made something here that all can enjoy, and it must be great to finish something like this, the game was fun and even thrilling at times, you have impressed this reviewer. Before i continue on more into detail on the game and review, just wanted to say congrats on the award it was well deserving in my opinion. Also liked the fact that there was actually alot of medals, that really made it more interesting and fun, So as you get into this click and slash type of game it really gets fun but also intense, the graphics were pretty nifty, but it does tend to lag up if alot of activity is going on. there could also be a save file to continue your game, but other then that this was a fun and somewhat addictive game. I thought this was a really cool game. There was alot of nifty and entertaining elsements and things everywhere in this one, allthough you could add some stuff and cleanup some areas, for the mostpart this cameout pretty good.

This kind of flash is for sure not my specialty, But ofcourse there are still some areas that you could touch up and such. With some more attention here and there you could really make this into something even more special, Some better instructions could be in place on how to upgrade stuff, and a possible save file on things aswell.


Sometimes the in-game achievements made the game lag.

A great and cool game

although the lagging makes the game a little annoying,it is a fun and addicting...

quite laggy

Around day 10