Reviews for "Castle Guardian"

great reminds me of "castle defence" but top down

Great game

Unique Defense Game

Usually, most defense games would just have you send/build some kind of machine/people to fight the enemy. This one makes you actually click the enemies to defeat them. The music was great for this game as well.

Time for a secret :D
When on the screen where you buy upgrades, click on the top right corner of the screen, above Money. That's how you get the Secret Medal.


I will start off by saying it was a good idea. im really sorry that that is where my compliments stop. the fact that you had to collect the money while attacking dozens of people by clicking repeatedly and frantically was frustrating and caused me physical pain. The mage was really just a waste of money after i upgraded the speed at which i could use it. there was barely explaination of what i was doing. the fact that the two parts of the ugrade system for the archer and mage were seperate and annoying as well. oh, and i lied above... loved the music. very contra feel to it that i enjoyed. please fix the errors in this game because i would LOVE to try at it again

great game

kept me playing till the end i think i posted my scores but i dont see them up ah well good game though i got like 32 points

Good Castle Defender Game

While I have played other "defend your castle" type games, this one's pretty good, save for the flaws with the mages and lag.
One other thing I find annoying is that I have every single achievement except the one to play the game twice; mind you, I did play the game twice... but on different loads of the game. My second playthrough was to get my 60 minutes achievement and submit score achievement (didn't care for achieve till after first play). So I'm disappointed that I'm not getting my last achievement.
While it's fun, 60 minutes of play time is about the limit I can take with this game, too. Fun the first time through, a grind the 2nd... and no way I'm doing a third just for one more achievement.
Yeah, I am ranting about the achievement... but well, there's not much else to do in the game after going through it twice.

Still it's nice and good.