Reviews for "Castle Guardian"

It's great and everything works except

Everything is very well done. The music, game play, upgrade system. Everything except for the "Achievement Addict" achievement. I unlocked every other achievement, except for this one. After hours of frustration I finally clicked the "walk-Through" button in-game, and read it. It said all you had to do was not miss a clicking opportunity in a level, I realized this is what I have done numerous times. I implore you to fix this glitch/bug if you can please!

Been PlaYin g 4 a HOuR.

mY EyEs aRe hUrTiNg nOw. I_I


but i m a bit annoyed.... maybe its my quite old laptop... but when I click on an enemy to kill it fast the clicks after the kill are processed and the cursor gets stuck (depending on how often you clicked).

Graphics are nice and i really would like to enjoy the game but with the clicking flaw i can´t.


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Gotta say, best castle defense type game I've played on this site yet!
I'll have my lawyers call you about the injury sustained by my index finger from mashing my mouse button. :-P

Only two things could improve, maybe a boss type thing and the music gets very tedious, very quickly.