Reviews for "doesn't matter what, where or when"

Meh I think the polarity has shifted on whats considered beautiful or attractive or maybe guys are just going after anything now....All I know is six years ago the quintessential "Geeky" girl was not considered the same as the "Blond" but nerd and geek culture has become a fashion trend since then so its become "hot" to be a geek

G3no responds:

that's all completely true, i didn't make it nerd vs dumb blonde though

Well the purple haired one seems to be always pissed... you can't expect others to love you if you don't love yourself :P

Fantastic art! (Though I would fuck both...)

I still cannot get over the 'space wiener' in panel 3

And psh, raven-haired bespectacled women trump blondes every tyme

I love these pictures, though honestly, I'd smash the raven-haired one.