Reviews for "HappyHappy"


This makes me feel SUPER HAPPY! But as this is newgrounds, it willbe used in something violent

DaVince responds:

You're right, it has been used for that! ^_^


walking by fluffy bunnys and teddy bears and its in a nice green field and were skipping and singing and i think im going to be sick =( any whoo this was well happy ^_^


ok ok its good but it scares me....

DaVince responds:

That's a good thing!

ha ha ha

ha ha ha ha. Oh man, not to be offensive or anything, but this song sounds like that you're on that drug that makes you happy. I also think that this song is a great song that people got scared at or make jokes on it, like that one review from invaderzimja. Man that one made me laugh. anyway nice song and keep up the great work.

DaVince responds:

I get what you mean. Somehow, some of my music has that "drugs" effect... But it packed out well for this song apparently. :)

This seems pretty cute and happy, just as named. Good job!