Reviews for "HappyHappy"


Good but Freaky... this scares me slightly just because it's too happy but then that's what you were aiming for anyways right?


walking by fluffy bunnys and teddy bears and its in a nice green field and were skipping and singing and i think im going to be sick =( any whoo this was well happy ^_^


This makes me feel SUPER HAPPY! But as this is newgrounds, it willbe used in something violent

DaVince responds:

You're right, it has been used for that! ^_^


The first time through I was smiling like crazy, that's how happy this is! I love it!
It makes me think of an endless fun ride :P Great work! Definitely going down in my favorites, and I'm gonna be using this in my next Flash for sure.
Keep up the good work, man!

So happy!


I had this image of a young kid walking (you know, in the way where they kick their legs up), over a hill, fishing rod hung over shoulder, the sun shining, clouds hanging lazily over the air.

Brilliant... truly a happy tune.

The chosen instruments worked well together.

I have nothing to add to this song ^^.

5/5 from me DaVince, excellent stuff, keep them coming.

DaVince responds:

Why, thanks! I made a few tunes a bit similar to this, so I will upload those later too. :)