Reviews for "Give Up, Robot"

Great game

I'm coundn't get past level 18... But still an awesome game :)

Dance Robot :D

Great game!
Challenging, hard and sometimes even frustrating yet creative, adictive and fun.
I really liked the game's simple style, though after a while its flashy graphics made me kinda dizzy when I got to the hard levels and sadly i had to stop playing lol


i didnt think he would like this stuff :O

and it is more addicting then **** it mega supper ****ing

One of the best games EVAR! :D

It's so addictive! :D I LOVE YOU ROBOT!

ogmozero approves

Matt, if you're reading this, I'm still followin' ya on your site. Keep up the good work, it's another beautiful game filled with difficulty that will make even weathered platformers cry.

To anyone reading this, find a way to check out his site (afraid to post link), all of the games are built to this perfection with addictive soundtracks, and gameplay that's... Fun... Easy mechanically speaking... But so hard you'll want to whip your keyboard at your monitor.