Reviews for "Give Up, Robot"

great game

gets har around the 4th or fifth set of rounds, hell on 50 I get right to the end then fall off the last block


sorry about my last review. this game is acully really fun. good job

Good Game

The insane dificulty is the attractive of the game,
altough the game history is never explored it remind me of portal, maybe a suggestion for future sequels: since you already have an addicted game in your hand, making an intrigue history tied with the gameplay will make a game simply implossible to stop playing.

The only thing that I do not like is the contant blinking and color changing / poping all over the place, at some point, I thought I would have a seizure, and this is a dangerous thing for some players (not me). after 30 minutes my eyes were really tired.


This game as a very colorful retro style, with very tough puzzle maps to get by. I went to the last level 61 and my robot gave up, after seeing how to beat it on youtube, i find it impossible! But very fun game indeed! "my robot does not compute so he gives up and blows his electronic brain wishing he was built to beat this game but he's not!" Really addicting.

Awful Awesomeness

I must have F-bombed about 2000 times while playing some of the later levels, and it didn't help that my Flash on FireFox was jumpy at times. Great game in that it was ultimately defeatable and always left me with a feeling of relief(not satisfaction) after a level was completed. Never, ever again.