Reviews for "Give Up, Robot"

Give Up, Robot

Best game I've played in a while. What the announcer sometimes said when you passed a level made me laugh. Especially when he yelled/screamed. Great game.

Its a really good game!

Though its very hard, I liked it! :D

Really good game.

Albiet not the very best that could have been brought up, this game delivers a solid Action-Platforming experience.

The pros:
-The smooth animation
-Great concept
-Simple, easy-to-learn mechanics
-An easy mode and a really hard mode
-Extremely catchy tune
-Great sound effects

The cons:
-The controls where a bit sticky, and some of my jumps were off by a bit due to this.
-The bright colors were trippy and innovative at first, but they hurt my eyes after a prolonged play x___x
-The background monotonous computer voice was extremely annoying at times. Though, that shouldn't affect a score much.

This just goes to show that an innovative concept, a great track, good controls and swell graphics are always a good combination. Well, a female robotic voice doesn't hurt, but that's just me thinking of the Portal games. Heh.

Final score 9/10

Good job, soldier.

Cool but insanely hard

Alright. I find this game very cool. The challenges are tough, they make it a good game.
What I didn't like were the EXTREMELY sticky keys. When I'm close to finishing, my character gets stuck.


This game is hard!!!

The game is freaking hard but its so addicting i cant stop playing!!!!!