Reviews for "Give Up, Robot"

this is hard

its fun but very hard

Unforgivable, eye-searing, addictive

Okay, so the cons first:
-Hurts the eyes after a while. This is really the first time ever that a game did this to me. Or anything, really.
-The difficulty curve is kind of weird sometimes.
-EXTREMELY difficult

Now the pros:
-Very nice and fitting graphic style.
-The controls are intuitive, easy to learn and spot-on.
-Addictive as HELL! Sure, it's hard, but you always know that you can do it and you keep playing.

All in all, if you have epilepsy or are easily frustrated, this game is not for you. Other than that, you should definitely give this game a try!

WOW my eyes!!!

dayum Adult Swim! this game blew my mind, and its pretty damn hard too. And like other people said it gets very addicting. i remember playing this a while back but never reviewing it. It has that awesome retro aspect, lots of colors, neon, bright and such. Retro font and great chiptune music keeps me hooked as well! Very well done Adult Swim! ^_^b


I love it, i forget if they made another one, if you did, you should put it up


Great great and more great + i Know u mad Give up robot 2 so hurry up and upload it