Reviews for "Bad Inventions #4"


color, action, fastness
you made a a good movie


i'm gonna try going to chadscrap.com!


i dunno wut but somethin made it funny o and i liked what u wrote on the blueprints stuff like www(dot)chadscrap.c0m and ng lol that was funny nice vid


probly the best so far ,but i havnt seen number 5 and the final chapter but good ;answer from last review; under wer you write the name of the animation on pivot 3 BETA go to save as and click it and pick gif and save it and it shud work; = )

what animation program you use??

that was good i use a animation program called pivot 3 beta but i cant post it on newgrounds it saves in piv. so what one you use i wanna post mine on newgrounds but i cant :(. thanks. i gave it a 5.