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Reviews for "The Justin Bieber Show"

Love love

I love love when you make flashes. The graphics are always good the sound is always excellent and even with silly things you put so much effort into making them and this is no exception.

I do agree with you that I don't know any more either. kepp up the good work!

I will say this...

I would rather see this than any kids show on Nicolodeon.
This was a great take on how crappy teen culture is. Its so clean and so friendly that they ignore every thing around them, if that maks any sense.


"Ohhh You Guys" ^_^

It's really quite scary...

on the other hand I've never actually listened to ms. bieber's horrible singing yet so maybe it'd be funny if I had. But that's just scary... I have no idea what to rate this... I'll give it a 10 for being highly creative, also it's happy harry :D

A thing of sheer beauty

Yeah that pretty much sums up everything I know about justin bieber. Excellent job keeping the show realistic.