Reviews for "Ride Like The Wind"

best song and music video ever!!

...thats all i have to say

so COOL!!!

man i like that movie


That was sweet! I can see why this is Weekly User's Choice and Daily Feature! ;-D A few things I've noticed in the animation, probably unintentional...

One of the vehicles looks like an AV-14 Hornet from Halo 3 with it's gyros on a different angle. Also, the planet looks like Manaan from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Were those intentional, or were they just things you came up with, not knowing about them?

That question aside, I congratulate you on this superb music!

Get-lost responds:


I played Halo 3 but not enough to put the vehicles in my mind, any similarities were not intended. Same with Planet. The starwars references I had was the pod-race in Episode 1. :)

3 words for this.....hole-y-crap!!!!!!1

this is way cool!!!!! should definatl be made into a game and the song should be on the game as well!!!!!1 woot!!!!!!111!!!!1one!!!!!!! al my 5 are belong to this!!!!!!111!!!!one!!!!!!1


I wish i could give a higer note beacuse it was verry cool and the song was so amazing.