Reviews for "Ride Like The Wind"

O wow

now that was a nice flash, the art, the animation, the music, all fit together SO well i loved it and id love to see some of yor other works

Awesome Animations

Those were really awesome animations and I really liked the song.
This racing really looked like the pod racing from the first star wars movie.
I liked the beautifull blue skies and the deep blue ocean.
The movie rolled slightly well, keep up this good work.


nice! the animations was way too fluint also the music was great i definitely like your star wars reference cause personally i like star wars ep 1 also towards the end of your video you crashed my web browser so grats on making a kick ass music video

great stuff

very good animation and soundtrack. i want to see this as the next generation of high speed action movies (like fast n furious ^5). would be great to see an f-zero movie or something very similar to this. i think that's why i enjoyed speed racer so much. very cool

awsome just awsome

great video hehehe yoda on the pirate ship