Reviews for "Ride Like The Wind"

this is asome!



Nice Cel Shade video! If possible, I must look up your studio.

Highly Recomended!

This is an exceptional work!! Must see 10/10 5/5

It is visually stunning and sometimes almost unbelievably well drawn. The song is catchy and sinks right into the rythm of the video.

Oscar Jonansson is a god among flash artists. Keep your eye on this guy!

That was epic.

I love this flash. Amazing art, awesome animation. Big wow.


I have played around in Flash before...I could barely make a stick figure walk...lol. But this...this is up there with the best flash animations I have ever seen. Honestly, I'm in college, and watching this movie just made my night...the speed scenes and everything really makes you feel kinda...free. :) A++++++!!! Thank you for all the hard work you put into this. (Have you ever thought about making this little skit into a series??? because that would be amazing!)