Reviews for "Smokey the Monkey"

I agree

I agree with your message, hippies should die in car wreaks.


I love this short, the inspirations of the classics are apparent, brilliant stuff!!!!


Ok, monkey smoking is fucking cool! Loved the giraffe twitching! Good job, not overly funny, but a solid 9!

Now that

Is one lucky money... well half lucky i guess ;)

Jux a little to much smoky on this monky.

OK this flash is a little suggestive although yes I do get that the cigy is part of the flashes joke but this could be used for a campaign ad. That's why you get a six on this.
Other than the moral crusade on this the humour is good the hippies that near destroy everything they would hold dear, poetic justice deserves a 8, 9 at best.

RainbowClub responds:

We are a tool of the government.