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Reviews for "Rock 'n' Risk Blitz"

Awesum game!

This game is awesome! i like the gameplay,
And i didnt expect it to be translated in french!
Très bon jeu. :p

SiJaf responds:

My sponsor did the translation! Have fun :)


fun and addictive, a could do this for a while.

SiJaf responds:

Don't forget to drink! :P


its even better than the last one

SiJaf responds:

That was the goal! Thanks :)


Awesome game! the graphics are very well made, the music was great and the game is really fun

SiJaf responds:

Thanks a lot!

awsome game you made man :D

i got a few or alot of game in my head that you can make if it's ok with you dude

SiJaf responds:

you can giev me any feedback via pm or at the fan page: