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Reviews for "Rock 'n' Risk Blitz"

Nice, nice...

Alright, I liked it. It was very good. Again, I had a fun time.

I'll start with this: The lack of the securing the jackpot part of the game DID kind of dull the excitement of the game. Also, it made the name a little less fitting, though I won't worry about that much. Although it sucked when I'd hit a wrong platform in the first one, it exhilarated me. It had been an excellent challenge. I do like the lack of frustration, but it just doesn't have the same feel as the other one did.

Also, there aren't levels. One of the things I find I like about games is trying to progress through it and get to the finish. Now, granted, once I beat the other game, I didn't go back to it much. So I can see how this might be a better option. But having a GOAL you need to reach (the money) on each part is also nice sometimes. Not completely necessary, but I liked it before.

On a brighter note, you added the hats, which are something to strive for. It keeps me wanting to play because I want to collect everything. The fact that they change your stats is also good, because I don't just want a new outfit, I want new gameplay. It changes things up a little more.

The money and time powerups were a nice addition. They made things a bit more exciting. Also, good choice on music, as before. I'm not sure what I thought of the new way the screen showed information. I liked the 3-Dish design of it in the first one, but I think this way might've been a bit easier to understand. Likewise with the arrows on the platforms. I think the arrows distracted a bit much, though. Having something that isn't a "part" of the platforms doesn't really seem right. When they glowed, it was like the platforms changed when it was good to hit them. With the arrows, it's... well, I just don't find it as effective.

Just a suggestion, you should have the button say "music on" when the music is ON, as opposed to making it say "music on" as in "if you press this, the music will turn on." Likewise with the sounds and symbols for them. The pause button I feel like should maybe ONLY have the pause symbol, perhaps a different color when the game is paused. Of course, that's only an opinion.

But when all is said and done, it's really a great game. The music, sound, graphics, difficulty level, and interestingness of this game are all up there pretty high. I think I might've had a bit more fun with the first one. But then again, I haven't finished playing this one yet. Maybe next time (if you make a third one), add a bit more to change up the gameplay. A story maybe? That would be nice.

Anyway, great job again, and keep up the good work!


SiJaf responds:

Wow! Thanks for the awesome and detailed feedback!

I have copied those feedbacks in my notepad and I think you might see some of them in the future ;)

Regarding the arrows. Together with the patterns on the platforms, it should help people who are color blind. The glow in the first one was too subtile to do the job.



SiJaf responds:

killing you softly?

Well not so much adding money!

Not much money added when i got many scores so weird oh and cool game

SiJaf responds:

Yeah... next time you will get more money to spend :)

Nice game

NG medals could be a good idea
Music is a bit repetitive and I think earn money faster would be cool
Anyway nice gameplay

SiJaf responds:


Pretty fun

i liked it, is simple yet fun, you can actually enjoy it. Nice game

SiJaf responds: