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Reviews for "Rock 'n' Risk Blitz"


very challanging and additive! but i had alot of fun playing this game! so awesome job!

SiJaf responds:

Like some Italian N guys said... Have more fun! :P

Rock n' Risk Forever

Rock n' Risk Forever :D

SiJaf responds:

and after that...
Rock 'n' Risk 'n' Robin...

And then Christopher Nolan has to restart the series with Rock 'n' Risk Begins :P

good good

man yeah pleas its good yeah but you kown you like it but if you dont pay of the price dummu

it was


SiJaf responds:

thanks :)

Love it.

I do love this game, but while there are changes it's the same level of greatness. Platforms are wanted but it does mean you hold out longer. I think you should earn upgrades, but randomly like the hat idea. For survive, that new element should be added. Maybe multiplayer, just offline play, maybe not speed boosts.

Well all in all a awesome game, yet without levels, different levels, this is more of a spin off of one. But thats not a bad thing. Play this. Love this.

JoshTheMeerkat out

SiJaf responds:

Thanks, yeah I will look what can be done.