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Reviews for "Rock 'n' Risk Blitz"

Great game! 10/10!

But, um... hat prices?

SiJaf responds:

You need to buy the boxes and you get random hats in each box. Like trading cards etc.

What can i say

This game totally rocks because it's fun, addictive and also it has a translation option i hope there's another rock n risk game other than this one

SiJaf responds:

Thanks a lot!

so much fun :D

loved the first one, love this one more. so addictive

SiJaf responds:

So this is one of the better sequels, isn't it? :)

Very good.

The graphics are simple and nice,using the mouse is good,and the "Risk" levels are fantastic. 10/10,5/5.

SiJaf responds:


I miss the jackpot saving D:

I remember myself soo pissed off because i didnt saved it :(
nice game tho, just that is the only thing that needs to be fixed, and btw i recomend playing on a browser that isnt mozilla because of the mouse "i losted my 10,000 jacpot because of that D:

SiJaf responds:

yeah... many want the jackpot saving back :D