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Reviews for "Rock 'n' Risk Blitz"

SiJaf,you've done it again!!

Awesome!! The hats are awesome but...I do miss some aspects of the first game. But it is an amazing game and I hope there will be another Rock 'n' Risk game. Keep up the great work SiJaf!!!!

SiJaf responds:

Thanks! Will do.

its old

it need more effect

SiJaf responds:

more effect?


This exact game seriously came out a long time ago. Still fun, though.

SiJaf responds:

rock n risk?


I liked the game but after a long time of playing i found myself bored so please make another sequel . . . . . . ADVENTURE MODE!!!

it is much cooler if you put some ground platforms like the first one

SiJaf responds:

will be done.


great artwork and other also the hats are cool to but you should add medals very good game 2 downs tho 1 is it gets boring 2 is that its kinda boring at start but still good game very nice =D 8/4

SiJaf responds: