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Reviews for "Rock 'n' Risk Blitz"


its ok :)

SiJaf responds:


Good, but 1 was better :/

Its good, but i didnt get the scoring. i land on the wrong platform, and it GIVES me more points??? i liked the first game, where u rack up ur pot and land on the platforms 2 collect it. especially since u added that AWESOME landing animation!!!! and i agree with coleknows. if the stick man did some tricks when he dashed, that would add even MORE AWESOMENESS!!! also, i think hats should just be 4 show, and the unlocking system should be a little more straight forward, it kinda confused me. other than those things, it was pretty good, ur a talented stick animator. KEEP IT UP!! I LOOK FORWARD 2 ROCK 'N RISK 3!!!

SiJaf responds:

No you get the jackpot and it is resettet to zero, so it is some kind of punishment, but not as harsh as in 1.

liked 1 better

first of all this one looks and feels rushed. ok weve got a new hat on our character. but i seriously miss the rock platforms on the side. it gave you a chance to stand and retime ur next combo. also somehow the horizontal energy bar and the horizontal lineup for the combos ticks me off. it takes the balance away.

SiJaf responds:

Yeah, I will reintroduce the safe platforms... The horizontal thing, makes those element better "readable" don't you think?

Fun but some times irritating..

Theres only 2 thing that irriates me..
1. Is when I accidently mess up the combo and the next block needed is completely different makes me hit wrong one over and over..
2. Is hitting blocks when im about to hit bottom maybe option to notify to next spawn location?.. and then bonus if you take it off

SiJaf responds:

good ideas.

Love these kind of games!

I love bouncy platform games. They are so addictting!
Good points:

hats!!!! :3

bad points:

Now here is the part i'm serious on. I only talk about the major bad parts. Any other i think is unnessasary or isn't even a problem.

1. Choice of music. It could be me but i think maybe some dnb would be a little better.

2. Voice announcer. Needs to be more creative. The "IIIIIII love you!!" is kind of creepy. And "Dance like a butterfly, sting like a bee." I think is the wrong part. Wtf are you stinging. Be more creative. for an Ex, the announcer should say, "ITS OVER 9000!!!" When you get a combo that is worth over 9000 or something.


No trick. I know this would take longer but the stickman should occasionally do some sort of flip/spin or something. Make it a bit cooler.

Feels rushed. No offence but this game does feel like it was rushed. The abcence of an adventure mode really kind of burns me.

Bosses. That would be sweet if their would be a boss or two.

Hopefully the next sequel might solve these problems. It all depends. Oh, and maybe when we are done with that, maybe we can talk about a multiplayer version :P

SiJaf responds:

1. You will get DnB in my next one... Survive n Risk
2. Will think of it

Minor ones:
I will take them into consideration. Multiplayer is a bit tricky though