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Reviews for "Rock 'n' Risk Blitz"

bleh meh YEAAAHHH

Awesome game :D but it was getting boring and somewhat repitive but it aint bad anyways the -1 was for the what the narrator was saying :| I really hated when he says those stuff like IIII LLOOOOVVVEEE YOOOUUUU

GOD I hated that but other than that nice game

SiJaf responds:

Yeah, maybe this time the narrator was a bit over the top :D

Well not so much adding money!

Not much money added when i got many scores so weird oh and cool game

SiJaf responds:

Yeah... next time you will get more money to spend :)


maybe i just didn't get it, but i had no fun playing this game. it was repetitive, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but there just wasn't enough here to keep my attention

SiJaf responds:

Okay, thanks for the honest review

i love this game

this game is hot
you other people must play it

SiJaf responds:

Thanks :)

Love it.

I do love this game, but while there are changes it's the same level of greatness. Platforms are wanted but it does mean you hold out longer. I think you should earn upgrades, but randomly like the hat idea. For survive, that new element should be added. Maybe multiplayer, just offline play, maybe not speed boosts.

Well all in all a awesome game, yet without levels, different levels, this is more of a spin off of one. But thats not a bad thing. Play this. Love this.

JoshTheMeerkat out

SiJaf responds:

Thanks, yeah I will look what can be done.