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Reviews for "Rock 'n' Risk Blitz"


This is one kewl game. A little bit uncontrolled at times, but still great.

SiJaf responds:

I have to see what I can do with the control issue. That comes quite often...


I think what the guy who said "more fights" meant was that you should be able to play against other players.

In the next one, either make it multiplayer or have computers who compete with you and steal your platforms. That way you could have a tournament game mode where you gotta work your way up against harder opponents.

And get rid of the gay announcer. Seriously. When I heard him say "stick men just wanna have fun" like that I wanted to put a bullet in his head. Still do.

SiJaf responds:

Yeah, I have a challenge system vs the computer in mind. Let's see what can be done

Nice game

NG medals could be a good idea
Music is a bit repetitive and I think earn money faster would be cool
Anyway nice gameplay

SiJaf responds:


Fun and addicting.

Very different from anything else I have played. Very well done.

SiJaf responds:

thanks :)


This Game RULES!

SiJaf responds: