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Reviews for "Rock 'n' Risk Blitz"

like it.

not to much different from the first one though. but stil liked it alot ^_^

SiJaf responds:

*Thumbs up*


its a good game but it still feels a little lacking.

I never really figured out how i know what money i was going to make and the achievements didn't really do anything for me.

I think it would be cool if unlocking certain achievements gave you cool hats, particularly the special hats since buying them to me doesn't really feel all that special.

Its basically a survival game which i find is part of games that have story lines or campaigns so i feel like having a campaign or levels with certain goals or tricks (such as hitting only blue platforms for a level). Rewards for the levels of course would be nice but just a few ideas i had.

Great work all in all and it looks like you are starting on the next one or at least thinking about ideas so i hope it will be even better.

SiJaf responds:

Yeah, I will see how I can include campaigns and maybe small mini game in the next one.

Pretty fun

i liked it, is simple yet fun, you can actually enjoy it. Nice game

SiJaf responds:



needs more than just one goal of getting as many points as possible. Needs tricks you can do, goals, challenges, maybe specific challenge levels (maybe bullet hell style where you dodge all but a certain color?) For now it gets old really fast. Needs variety.

SiJaf responds:

I will try my best to bring more variety in the next one!

Original approach

Hey there, I like the fatc you reply to the reviews - motivated me to write one too. The game itself has original approach and that's why I rate it high but graphics/complex system-wise it's not worth a lot.. but who cares. The game is indeed addictive but I still find it way too monotone, how about wider selection of clothing? More competition? This here has SICK potential to become something really great. Good luck improving it!

SiJaf responds:

I like reviews, because they help me to see things the way the player see it and a short reply is the least I can do.

Yeah, I will think about how to bring in more variety, but I think I can do it :)