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Reviews for "Rock 'n' Risk Blitz"

super funky sexeh XD


SiJaf responds:

Super Funkeh Sixeh?!

Great game but

I think the first was overall better. It felt like you actually had a purpose for playing. And you actually played through multiple levels. This is just the same level over and over with just randomized locations for the blocks (assuming they're actually randomized) and a very limited variety of user settings.
And the "risk" of losing the jackpot if you lose your combo, you had to go manually deposit your jackpot, it just felt like a more appropriate name. This feels to bland.
I do, however, favor the jackpot/score layout on this game, easier to read.

An issue that I recall having seen on a post on the first one still happens however, where the screen "runs out of colors" and auto-kills your combo. It only seems to ever happen at 60, but not every time. Its only happened to me twice, but its extremely irritating when it does happen after you've gotten so far. Makes it worse that it felt like it was on two of my best runs.

And yes, the coin count issue is also irritating. You'd have to play for years to collect all the hats.

On a positive note, the overtime is a good idea, but it may be too easy to achieve (I got it the first time on full risk), but that may be due to my practice on the first game.

SiJaf responds:

Thanks! Have written down your suggestions :)

and Hungary?

cool game really cool but i miss i cannot use my language!:/

SiJaf responds:

Sorry, is not included by the sponsor.


OMG, So many languages, That would have taken you years, or not -_-, But when i saw that menu i were like OMG are there even computers outside this country :D, anyway this game could be better, i dunno y.

SiJaf responds:

My sponsor did the translations

si porfin uno en español

es genial se los recomiendo

SiJaf responds: