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Reviews for "Rock 'n' Risk Blitz"

Miccool No....

You musn't disgrace yourself with this SWF


Quite surprised to find this game,accurately is the author.


the game get to be interesting...

Good game

The game itself was good, and entertaining. However, compared to the first Rock 'n' Risk you made, I had the feeling your removed more from the game than you added. The hats were fun for a while. But what I missed were the levels that give me the feeling that I'm actually advancing, rather then just try to score as many coins as possible, to eventually get a place in the highscore.

Still, love the gameplay. Good job.

Nice but...

I had trouble in the beginning because I could not stay in the air. And not for lack of skill; I pwned the last game. I kept falling to the bottom, which never happened last time. The hat idea was a little overdone too. However, this game has much potential and you probably listened to all of us on the new one, so I'll leave you alone.

Love this gameplay though!