Reviews for "The Cursed Beneath"

you pulled out all the stops.

the best thing I think you did in this game is making an individual sprite for each phase of the guns rotation. It was a nice change from having the computer auto-rotate it instead. You also did a nice job putting physics on the little hp boxes. These are all features I've never seen in a flash game before, and combined with awesome graphics and pretty nice gameplay, this is a fantastic flash game, one of the best I've played in years. One little flaw, though, I think there could've been a little more variety between enemies, but besides that, you've certainly outdone yourself.

whoa this is crazy

this game is nicely put together. the graphics look great and it's nicely coded. love the idea of buying new weapons and upgrading them. great work!

Nice game!

It a really fun game, a little hard, but i like when it hard like that.

this would make a great movie

Good art, good enemy AI, the only thing I didn't like that I had no health pack drops after 2nd or 4th level, because the green zombies just became too tough xD Needs more games like these